When founder Viviana Miza began her search to find some of the highest quality superfood nutritional products to support her fitness training and health goals, she had an extremely difficult time trying to find the best of the best. As months past, she continued her search and finally came across some amazing sources that even surpassed her expectations. She then began using and formulating her own proteins and other nutritional products using these high quality ingredients to make her own shake, smoothie and snack concoctions to support her health and fitness goals.

She soon began to notice significant health and fitness improvements and realized that most people did not have access to these type of quality products. She thought that people would greatly benefit and get real results by using these products, and so she decided that it would be a disservice if she did not share them with others. She then decided to venture out and start Super Vital Foods to share with the world some of the highest quality, single source superfood products that can support and improve people's fitness training as well as improve their overall health.